Nothing Phone (2) Has a Proper Premium Chipset

Nothing Phone 1

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The Nothing Phone (1) launch wasn’t exactly a great one. The awkward hype leading up to it, knowing it might be a mid-range phone, that ended with the last minute “Oh by the way, sorry, US folks!” revelation was all kind of gross. In the end, we got an iPhone look-alike with a semi-unique lighting system on the back, a clean build of Android, and a decent price without much else to get excited about.

If anything, the launch of the Phone (1) had us not necessarily begging for more from the new tech company, but wondering if they’d really go for it with a follow-up device. Over the past several weeks, Nothing has at least said all of the right things about not only bringing the world a premium phone, they also appear ready to enter the US market.

Today at MWC, Nothing confirmed that their Phone (2) will be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Series chipset. They didn’t say which version of an 8 Series chipset (Gen 1 or Gen 2?), but as long as we’re talking about a chip from that Qualcomm family, it should bring proper power.

And look, if Nothing could deliver a phone with a high-end chip and US carrier support, we would be interested. We like their software approach, the fact that the old OxygenOS team is now in-house to provide software support, and their hardware design is very different than the rest of the Android players (in a good way). Nothing could give us an alternative to Samsung and Google, which the Android space desperately needs.

Things are about to get incredibly annoying in the hype department surrounding this Phone (2), but try to stick with us as we follow the story. We need a new phone option and this is about all that we’ve got.



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