Spotify Ditches the Heart Button


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Spotify is making a change to the way you save tracks to your library and I’m still trying to process how I feel about it. For now, I’ll just tell you the news and then maybe we’ll come back around to those final thoughts. What you need to know is that Spotify is ditching the heart button that you likely use to instantly add songs to your “Liked” playlist.

In place, they are going with a consolidated Plus (+) button that still adds everything to your “Liked” list, but then doubles as a button to let you expand songs to other playlists. That may sound confusing, so let me try to better explain it.

When you are listening to a song now, you’ll see a (+) button where the heart used to be. You can tap on it and it’ll save to your library and into that “Liked” playlist. If you’d also like to add that song to a different playlist, you’ll first tap the (+) to add it to your library, wait for the icon to change to a green check, and then tap again to bring up a list of playlists to add to. You can add to multiple lists on this new screen too.

Here, this graphic shows you how it’ll work:

Spotify Plus Button

And that’s it. Spotify’s heart button is gone and now we’ll just have a plus button. The plus button should be more powerful and let us add tracks more easily to playlists, so that’s cool.

Spotify says it begins rolling out right away on iOS and Android.

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